Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I was so honored to capture this family in their home with their second born child, baby Emmett. The story these images tell doesn't start with Emmett though, they begin with Madelyn, Emmett's big sister, who was born 15 weeks too early and lived an amazing five weeks before passing away. Even with only five weeks, Madelyn has made an impact on so many, so we included her in the photographs below.

You'll see two bears, one bear weighs exactly her weight, another is made from a onesie she wore before passing away. Also, the bracelet that mama wears has Madelyn's bow on it and her pretty little face was present in every room we went in a frame. 

Emmett & Madelyn's parents are incredibly brave and are amazing parents <3 

Baby Emmett had the nickname "pumpkin" before being born and this was made by grandpa.