Newborn lifestyle sessions generally take place within the first two weeks, but they could be done within the first four weeks. I like to give you and your family time to adjust and figure out routines. I am always willing to be flexible!

Once your baby is born, contact me to let me know so we can set-up a time that works best for both of us! Newborn Sessions are scheduled on weekdays.

Where will the session take place?

Sessions generally take place at your home - we'll focus on rooms such as the nursery, the master bedroom, or the living room. I like to document rooms that may have a special meaning for you, or where you spend a lot of your time. I want you to be able to look back at these photos and remember the chair you always nursed your sweet baby in or the couch where daddy would nap with baby on his chest. 

When I arrive at your home I'll take a look around and see what areas might always work well due to the natural light available. I'll also ask you to fill out a questionnaire that asks you how the natural light is in these certain rooms and at what time of day they are the most bright - that helps me determine what time of the day we should schedule the session.

Homes and rooms that have a lot of natural light photograph best. If you don't feel comfortable photographing in your home, we may discuss other options such as a "fresh 48" session at the hospital or another location.


Rule #1 = Comfort. You just had a baby, so please wear something you feel comfortable in! Secondly, look at the colors of your home and the rooms we will be photographing in - it works well if your clothing colors and patterns complement each other. But as a fall-back neutrals (grays, whites, tans) always photograph well. Also, stay away from loud, busy patterns or bright colors. In the photos I love for the focus to be on you and your family versus what you wore. 

For baby, start with a simple onesie and swaddle. If you have a favorite outfit or two, we can definitely change them into that for some photos.

If you want to talk over outfit choices, don't hesitate to email me and ask! I've also made this pinterest board for you to refer to with examples. 


Since lifestyle newborn sessions are all about telling an honest story of your growing family, I like to keep props to a minimum - all we need is your family and the baby to tell that story. If you have special heirlooms or other things to include in the session, we will definitely work them into the photographs in natural settings. However I won't be arranging your baby in boxes and baskets, since that's not how babies typically sleep ;) They sleep in your arms, on your chest, on your bed, in their crib and that's where I'll document photos.

I will bring a few swaddle blankets with me and we can use those if you'd like.

If you have questions about including certain items in your photo session, don't hesitate to contact me!


A few other tips to help the session run smoothly...

  • Try to allow baby to have some awake time before our session. Then right before I arrive feed baby so he or she has a full belly. Full Baby = Happy Baby :)
  • Babies like to be warm, please turn your heat up if necessary! 
  • If possible remove clutter that might be distracting in the background of photos (clutter on nightstands, dressers, counters, etc). If your crib has bumpers, I prefer you remove them for the session if possible. I love to get some shots peeking into the crib. 
  • Think of something "routine" you do with your baby that we could also photograph during my time there. Maybe it's just a simple diaper change, feeding, giving baby a bath, but something that would be fun to document, because even the most ordinary things are something you won't want to forget.


Yes! I love photographing "Fresh 48" Sessions which is when I come to the hospital within the first 48 hours after your baby is born to photograph your family and baby. I love to capture the newness of you little one - the wrinkly skin, the hospital bracelets, the little hats; big brothers and sisters meeting, and to help you remember those first few days! I can do this as an additional session or instead of an in-home lifestyle newborn session.